The Developement of AutoMega

Born from one man's idea. 
With the decades of experience of DELLO behind it, Ernst Dello GmbH & Co. KG first entered the market with its own private label in 1991. 
At that time, the focus was on the core competence of the Opel/Vauxhall brand.

A whole seven years went by before the idea was given a name: AutoMega.
In addition to the creation of the logo, there was now also the incentive to expand the product range, which had previously been limited to Opel/Vauxhall parts.
Spare parts for Volkswagen, with their consistent market share, were an inevitable addition to the AutoMega aftermarket line.
Storage capacities at the location in the heart of Hamburg became increasingly limited and the construction of the 25,000 sqm logistics centre in Reinbek in 2011 was another milestone in AutoMega's history. Thus AutoMega moved out of the heart of Hamburg, but it remains firmly anchored in the heart of Dello to this day.
In the meantime, we have also adapted the focus of our parent company in the AutoMega area and now we round off our programme with the most common European brands. 

Our History

Foundation of Dello


 Ernst Dello GmbH & Co. KG was founded. 



Dello Diverse Teile was founded.

 Our brand


 AutoMega was registered as a trademark. 

Time To refresh


The new logistics centre was build.




brand focussing