Our spare parts

 We believe in what we do and want to support you in what you need. 
From the starter motors for a Opel Corsa, to ignition coils for a Ford Focus, we offer a wide range of products for popular vehicles.   

 Our products are from selected certified suppliers. 

Air filters/Cabin Filters

Our air and cabin filters offer protection against contamination and ensure clean air in your vehicle.

Oil Filters/Fuel Filters

Our oil and fuel filters ensure efficient cleaning to optimise the performance of your vehicle and maximise engine life.

inlet and outlet valves

You can rely on our valves for smooth vehicle operation. Our inlet and outlet valves ensure precise control, optimum performance and reliable engine operation.

Brake Discs

Our brake discs offer reliable, consistent braking performance and ensure excellent safety and control during braking. In addition, low wear ensures a pleasant driving experience in the long term.

Brake Pads

Our brake pads are defined by a reliable braking effect and outstanding durability. This ensures safe braking and a comfortable driving experience.

And more...

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Even if we don't carry the item yet, don't hesitate to request it anyway, because we are continuously expanding our product range. 

Our quality standard

From sample to delivery, there is continuous in-house quality testing, which always guarantees you consistent quality.
Only when the accuracy of fit, the quality of the material and the processing of the respective product meet our high standards does series production take place. 

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